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Blog #2: The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgameshwas dated to have occured between 2750 and 2500 BCE.  King of Uruk, Gilgamesh was a ruler that people felt used his power in a negative way by taking their children and sleeping with other men’s wives. The Lord of Uruk cried to Anu god of Uruk  about the things that Gilgamesh was doing and then Anu went to Aruru the god of creation and asked if she would create Gilgamesh’s equal.  She conceived noble Enkidu who was created to battle the King of Uruk after the battle Enkidu realized Gilgamesh’s strength and became friends. Together the two of them go on journeys to defeat two poweerful people one being Humbaba and the second Bull of Heaven.

The great storm god Enlil caused the Babylonian flood to punish mankind and it killed many men, women, and children.  Utnapishtim and his wife were granted immortalilty after they survived the great flood and Gilgamesh was also trying to seek the same thing.  Utnapishtim and his wife survived because he built a boat similar to Noah’s Ark.  The people of Uruk believed in many gods that all had different powers.  Some of the gods were Inanna which was the fertility god, Dumuzi which was the god of vegitation, and Ereshkigal which was the queen of the underworld. The Uruk citizens raised cattle and also famred in order to provide for their families and with the help of the rivers their agriculture thrived.


Great Actors

When choosing between Tyrese Gibson and Idris Elba on who I would choose to follow closely on twitter I decided to look at a few things first what they talk about, how they motivate others, and what they do for the community. Giving back to the community and working within the community that bred you into the person you are is a very big factor on who would be chosen.  I did my research on both men and came up with background on what they have done and some things that they are working on doing.  

First I looked up Tyrese Gibson and found out that he was not only working on acting he also has played his hand with being  a model, television host, songwriter, and a singer. Tyrese grew up in Watts and that is where is he was first discovered for his singing talent deciding to help his community he founded the “2000 Watts Foundation” which helps to improve the community and also helps provide opportunities for young adults.  In 2000 he was chosen to star in “Baby Boy” playing the role of Joseph “Jody” Summers. This was his first lead role position in a film and it helped start his career as an actor. 

 Idris Elba was next when I looked into his biography I found that he is a British-American actor that was born in London and didn’t move to the United States until his early twenties.  In London he was into acting while in high school and also has been a DJ.  When doing research I have not found that he was involved in any community service organizations but he was named the Anti-Crime Ambassador in 2009.  Some of his first works were on a soap opera and playing in the crittically acclaimed series “The Wire” for three seasons as Russell “Stringer” Bell, he has recently played in movies such as “Takers” and also “Thor.” 

I have followed both actors but have chosen Tyrese Gibson as my main source of information for my blog.  Tyrese Gibson mostly post about his new songs coming out and about the different cities that he is in. Idris Elba tend to mostly stick to talking about sports in the US and London and also shouts out different people from around the world. Both are really great men that are reforming the acting industry for African-American men.


I have decided to follow Tyrese Gibson on Twitter today not only because he is one of the finest actors that I know but also because he is in my favorite movie “Baby Boy” he play the most infamous Jody. He writes about coming out with an album but has not come out with any other tweets.

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